Normally I shoot concert photos, but I have been involved with Karate, on and off, since 1987. The dojo where I train offers many other disciplines, including BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai. After shooting photos for some of our fighter’s amateur Muay Thai fights in June (photos here), I was hooked.

A few weeks ago the one of those fighters, David Pacheco, fought at Pala again, for the Super Middle Weight Championship, and as you can see in the above photo – He Won! The guy he fought was …

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Last Saturday Journey was at San Manuel Amphitheater, with Loverboy and Pat Benatar as the openers. How was it? My wife probably summed it up best when she said that “concerts are always great when you know every song”. These three bands have had some serious hits, and for 4 hours Saturday the crowd seemed to remember them all.

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WarpedTourPomona 062212 471

Last week, the Vans Warped Tour hit So Cal with a few dates. I had not been to the Warped tour before, so figured I should try it out. Friday I went out and shot the show at the Fairplex in Pomona. I should start by saying that my son had warned me I may not like the “Emo” type crowd – or the music. He was right, and wrong. The Warped tour – for those that have not heard of it – is a festival type concert with about 9 stages. Each stage hosts anywhere from 4- 15 throughout one very long day. Along with the band performances, there are various food and merchandise vendors, and a ton people…

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Tuesday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim Van Halen nailed a 2 hour show. I still can’t figure out how, or why, the 80′s dance band Kool and the Gang was the opening act, but I have to say… it was a good show.

There are those bands that we rockers want to see before we die. Too often though, it’s impossible. The bands break up, die, or meet some other untimely end before we get the chance. Van Halen was one of those…

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Muay Thai at Pala 061012 259 Edit

I had the chance to shoot photos of some amateur Muay Thai competitions last Saturday. A few guys that train at the same Dojo as I do were fighting, and I thought it would be fun to try and shoot some fast moving sports – but I normally shoot concerts. Fighters move much faster than rock stars. I did get a few shots…

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Roger Waters 052012_54

I had a chance to see the original Pink Floyd concert for The Wall, but ended up missing it. I had always regretted that, so when Roger Waters started touring with this version of The Wall… I knew I was going. Last year I saw the show at The Staples Center, and it is a fantastic show. Take a look at the opening image. You see the graffiti and banners behind Roger? That is The Wall, a pure white wall, with projections that change through the show.

(For more photos, click “

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Heart at Honda Center 062

Last Saturday, the band Heart headlined the annual Cal State Fullerton “Front & Center” benefit at The Honda Center in Anaheim. I have mentioned Heart before, and have seen them live many times. I still think Ann Wilson has _the_ single greatest female rock voice of all time, and top ten when the “female” qualifier is removed.

Saturday was like any Heart show before… great. The set list reads like the greatest hits of a generation, and when Heart does Zep… wow. Based on the new single they played, look for some great new Heart coming soon.

Here are a few pics:

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Last Saturday night, Avenged Sevenfold was in town at the Citizens Business Bank Arena in Ontario. I had not been to CBBA before, and I must say that it’s a great place for a show. Big arena feel, but on a smaller scale. The staff was great, and the rock was fantastic. Below are a few of the photos I took at the show – including the opening acts Asking Alexandria and Hollywood Undead.

Asking Alexandria

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Last night, Rock ‘N Roll Hall of Famer Joe Walsh performed at the Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside for a great show, at what is quickly becoming an inland concert jewel.

I’ve seen Joe Walsh live 3 times, over as many decades. Yeah, Joe Walsh has been around awhile – I guess that means I have too. The first time was in the 70′s, and the best I can remember he opened for Elton John and The Beach Boys (fuzzy times those 70′s). The second time was my introduction to The Fender Center in Corona during a fundraiser there, a show that changed a lot in my life. The third was last night.

Joe Walsh is a perfect fit for…

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48HoursFestival 708

Last weekend was the 48 Hours Festival in Las Vegas. Two great days, with great line-ups, on the Vegas strip. I took 768 photos, which I have narrowed to 28 for posting here at I did an earlier post with half the photos for Day 1.

Day 2

Three Days Grace

Three Days Grace on the Red Carpet. They hung out by their bus next to the media center good part of the afternoon.


More photos if you click Read More…

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