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Last Thursday night, San Manuel Indian Bingo & Casino hosted the M-One “Reborn” Muay Thai event. There were nine great bouts, with seven of the nine being for a title. Six of the fights ended with either a KO, or a TKO, and last fight with the Inland Empire’s own Joey Pagliuso ended with a knockout that actually worried people. Starting the night, Eric Luna defeated David Huerta for the MTAA National Junior Lightweight Title…

(For more photos and fight results, including the results of the Inland Empire’s Joey Pagliuso attempting to win a title, click Read More…)

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Saturday night, the band Foreigner performed at The Fox Performing Arts Center in Riverside. I was lucky enough to be able to shoot some photos of the show, which was my second time shooting photos of the band. The first time was back in 2011 at the Hollywood Bowl with Journey. That was a great show to photograph, with the Bowl being so iconic, but I was really excited to shoot this weekend in a small theater like The Fox. This show was everything I was hoping for…

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On Monday, at the Whiskey A Go Go in Los Angeles, the artist lineup was announced for the Sixth Annual Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. It’s a great lineup for fans of previous years. The headliners are Rob Zombie and Five Finger Death Punch, but with 4 stages for the first time they have packed it with artists:

Click through for the artist list and photos…

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Last weekend I went to check out, and photograph, the Rock Vegas Festival, a 2 day concert at the Mandalay Bay Resort. I ended up with over 1100 images, so I had to cut that back a bit. This post will cover some of the Day 2 bands I shot, and you can find the Day 1 post here.

After the first day of shooting all afternoon in the sun, and then most of the night bands indoors, I decided to shoot a few less bands on day 2. This was the big day, Marilyn Manson and Rob Zombie. Yeah!

What? We can’t shoot Manson? Ah Man!!!! More on that later…

Here are some of the Day 2 shots:

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Last weekend I went to check out, and photograph, the Rock Vegas Festival, a 2 day concert at the Mandalay Bay Resort. I ended up with over 1100 images, so I had to cut that back a bit. This post will cover some of the Day 1 bands I shot, and you can find the Day 2 post here.

Last year I hit Vegas to photograph the 48 Hours Festival, and it was a blast! So, when I heard about the Rock Vegas Festival this year, I had to go. Two days of rock, and lots of photographs. I knew this year was going to be different however. The 48 Hours Festival had both the Main stage and Second stage outside, in a festival style atmosphere. The Rock Vegas Festival’s second stage was outside in the Mandalay Bay parking lot, but the Main stage was the actual Mandalay Bay Events Center. That meant the daytime acts had that festival feel, while the night acts would be a sit down concert.

I was only planning on shooting the main night acts, but while checking in for my photo pass I was told there were a few bands I should catch, and I’m glad I did. There was one band that had all the photographer talking. I didn’t shoot every band,√ā¬†but below are a few of the images from the first day of bands.

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Last Saturday, the largest competitive series in kickboxing history hit the LA Sports Arena. K-1 is a special type of fight. If you’re familiar with Muay Thai, then you’re on the right track, but K-1 does not allow clinching. These fights are… fights. No wrestling, no clinching, no takedowns and no BJJ strategy. These are non-stop action, and to help out, the ring is very small.

World Grand Prix Champions of K-1 include Alistair Overeem, Mark Hunt, and a ton of other big names. Saturday gave us 30 fighters on 15 cards, including 4 heavyweight, 4 Max fights, 4 Super fights, and 3 undercard bouts. What I love about the K-1 series is that for many of the winners, Saturday was just the beginning. Click “Read More” for more photos…

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Normally I shoot concert photos, but I have been involved with Karate, on and off, since 1987. The dojo where I train offers many other disciplines, including BJJ, MMA, and Muay Thai. After shooting photos for some of our fighter’s amateur√ā¬†Muay Thai fights in June (photos here), I was hooked.

A few weeks ago the one of those fighters, David Pacheco, fought at Pala again, for the Super Middle Weight Championship, and as you can see in the above photo – He Won! The guy he fought was …

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Last Saturday Journey was at San Manuel Amphitheater, with Loverboy and Pat Benatar as the openers. How was it? My wife probably summed it up best when she said that “concerts are always great when you know every song”. These three bands have had some serious hits, and for 4 hours Saturday the crowd seemed to remember them all.

Click the Read More button for photos and comments about the show…

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WarpedTourPomona 062212 471

Last week, the Vans Warped Tour hit So Cal with a few dates. I had not been to the Warped tour before, so figured I should try it out. Friday I went out and shot the show at the Fairplex in Pomona. I should start by saying that my son had warned me I may not like the “Emo” type crowd – or the music. He was right, and wrong. The Warped tour – for those that have not heard of it – is a festival type concert with about 9 stages. Each stage hosts anywhere from 4- 15 throughout one very long day. Along with the band performances, there are various food and merchandise vendors, and a ton people…

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Tuesday night at the Honda Center in Anaheim Van Halen nailed a 2 hour show. I still can’t figure out how, or why, the 80′s dance band Kool and the Gang was the opening act, but I have to say… it was a good show.

There are those bands that we rockers want to see before we die. Too often though, it’s impossible. The bands break up, die, or meet some other untimely end before we get the chance. Van Halen was one of those…

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