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KCAL $5,000 Super Squares 2023

The BIG GAME is this Sunday between Kansas City and Philadelphia, and it’s the final week for the $5,000 KCAL Super Squares! Just keep listening for “The Refs To Make Another Lame-Ass Call”. Each time the vignette is played in its entirety, the twenty fifth caller to the KCAL Hotline at (909) 431-4967 will qualify and earn a “square” on the board, adding them to the Big Game Pool for the $5,000 grand prize. You can also enter to win a square in KCAL Nation, we’ll pull a winner every Friday! There will be a total of 100 qualifiers. The qualifier whose “square” represents the final digit of each team’s final score in the professional football championship game being held in Phoenix, AZ on Sunday February 12th, 2023, will win the grand prize. For official rules, click HERE.

Click HERE to see the $5,000 Super Squares Board.