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Frank-O’s New Music Stash on 9/26: The Skints

THE SKINTS hail from London, England & have been active since 2007.

This track is featured on their latest album: “Swimming Lessons“, & is already out.

According to ClashMusic.com, Singer Marcia Richards explains of the song:

“For those who have lost a loved one, it’s not unusual to find comfort in the fact that you’ve spent more of your life with them than without. After 13 years of using this small comfort to keep afloat, 2019 will be the first year that the number of years without my sister Roanna will exceed the years she was around. As I became increasingly aware of this date approaching and my life raft sinking, I wrote ‘Learning To Swim’, a song that musically flips through time and space…” She adds: “The feeling as the years go on that it becomes more difficult to picture their face, to hear their voice. The rest of your life without them stretches ahead of you like a vast sea – it’s time for Swimming Lessons.”

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O

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