Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo and Discount Hydroponics of Riverside want to send you to Jamaica for six days and five nights, but you’re going to have to bet your desk to win.  Here’s what you have to do to win:

  1. Fill out the entry form on the bottom of this here page, and
  2. Make your appointment to listen to 96-7 KCAL Rocks at your workplace every single weekday at the same time for at least one hour.
  3. You can pick any time of day you want – just make sure to keep your appointment with us.
  4. Listen to 96-7 KCAL Rocks.

How simple is that?  Improve your workday and get a shot at getting out of work completely!

Stu, Tiffany & Jimbo are visiting workplaces around the I.E.  If we come to your workplace, and you’re listening to 96-7 KCAL Rocks, we’ll give you a six-day, five-night trip for two to Jamaica.  But, you did bet your desk…so if you aren’t listening to 96-7 KCAL Rocks, Jimbo gets to destroy whatever he wants on your desk.

Oh – and remember that you don’t really need to have a desk.  Jimbo can trash your jobsite, salon, or whatever just as easily as he can trash a desk.  As long as you’re listening to 96-7 KCAL Rocks while you work, you can enter to win!



August 19, 2010 at 10:18 am | Contests | 1 comment