A little something for you as we kick into a Zep At The Top Weekend, it isn’t very often that you get to hear a rare previously unreleased instrumental song that Led Zeppelin recorded during the session for Zep II, but that is exactly what you have above. It’s a song called “La La” and it is included on the companion disc on the Led Zeppelin II re-issue coming out on Tuesday. Part of it sounds absolutely “Zeppy” and part absolutely doesn’t. Listen for your chance to win ‘em before you can buy ‘em all weekend. And catch the special with more of the cool stuff you’ll be getting on the re-issues of the first 3 albums and interviews with Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and John Paul Jones tonight at 11pm with Patrick and then again on Sunday morning at 7am with Razz. Enjoy the Hammer of the Gods dropping on the IE at the top of every hour this weekend!


Here’s some more details on the previously unreleased tune from Rolling Stone magazine.



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