Hey, what are you doing on Saturday? Coming out and joining me in Downtown Riverside to check out all of the amazing new alternative fuel vehicles that the Western Riverside Council of Governments will have on display, of course! With gas prices testing that $5 a gallon mark, this is your chance to not only get up close and personal with some of the newest technology out there, but to actually get behind the wheel and drive some of these cool machines. The all electric Coda Sedan, the Nissan Leaf, the Honda Civic CNG (natural gas), the Chevy Volt, a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, and a classic early 1900′s electric vehicle, are just a few of the vehicles that will be there for you to poke and prod and slide into without any sales pressure. Just a great way to get a real idea about what kind of options you have to going broke filling up your tank.

I’ll be out there with the KCAL Crew from 10am to 2pm breaking out some great KCAL stuff for you, like tickets to the Perris Auto Speedway, Knotts tickets, Haunted House tickets and more. So when you’re out and about on Saturday, stop and by and check us out. It is going to be happening at 10th and Main St. in Downtown Riverside (City Hall Parking Lot #34).  See you there!




October 19, 2012 at 3:07 pm | KCAL Rocks, KCALFM.com, News, Technology | 2 comments