Foo Fighters Share ‘Love Dies Young’ Video Starring Jason Sudeikis


Foo Fighters recently shared a new music video for “Love Dies Young” starring Jason Sudeikis.

In the music video, Sudeikis plays a synchronized swimming coach. He gives a pep talk to five swimmers in the start of the video, who are later revealed to be the band’s members. Sudeikis sports a blonde wig and mustache and an American flag jacket.

“How lucky are we? We get to do something that we love, that we are good at. How lucky are we?” Sudeikis’ character says in a locker room. “You get to do your synchro, I get to coach you. I get to coach champions. Potential champions.”

Sudeikis then starts yelling at his team, shouting, “This is the most important competition of your lives. I yell at you because I love you. You listen to me because you love me.”

“Is this a weird dynamic? Yeah sure, from the outside – to losers. I picked you up out of the water by the scruffs of your necks, and I looked at you and I said, ‘You will be a champion!’ Or not,” he adds before the opening guitar riff to “Love Dies Young” starts playing.

“Love Dies Young” appears on Foo Fighters’ 10th studio album Medicine At Midnight, which dropped in February.

(Photo: Brantley Gutierrez)

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