Atreyu guitarist Dan Jacobs called in to talk about their new album “Baptized” out 6/4/21. Here’s what we talked about:
Pandemic timeline for “Baptized” (0-2)
new member Kyle Rosa (2-5)
Porter (5-8)
Matt Heafy on “Oblivion” (8-9)
Jacoby Shaddix on “Untouchable” (9-12)
Travis Barker on “Warrior” (12-15)
Music Videos (15-18)
Livestreams/concerts (18-23)
Getting Married on Halloween (23-26)
Mandatory Metallica (26-end)

REBELUTION are California locals from Isla Vista & have been active since 2004.

This track will be featured on their upcoming album: “In The Moment,” which will be dropping on June 18th.

According to a statement on the band’s Bandcamp page, frontman Eric Rachmany says of the track:

“Being heavy as lead is like being grounded and prepared to take on any challenge in life.”

Rebelution also have their Good Vibes Summer Tour 2021, featuring special guests, with back-to-back shows on Friday, August 6th & Saturday, August 7th at The Pacific Amphitheatre in Costa Mesa.

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Pablo Infernal hail from Zürich, Switzerland & made their debut in 2016.

This is the band’s first release of 2021 and according to a press release was recorded inside a haunted house.

Producer: Philip Harrison, who also produced and recorded their previous releases gave the band a bit more freedom for this recording. Instead of going to a “real” recording studio, they went to an old 19th century house, where they frequently go to write songs. You can hear the old house rattling and shaking through the recorded tracks of the song as well.

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SKEGSS are a trio from Byron Bay, New South Wales – Australia & have been active since 2014.

This track is featured on their latest album: “Rehearsal,” which is already out.

According to an article on PunkRockTheory.com, vocalist Ben Reed said of the track:

“Well I learnt more about Valhalla through watching ‘The Last Kingdom’ and it got me brainstorming about the ideology of it, and thought how sometimes in our life we have moments that are pretty perfect—as perfect as what you’d want the idea of your own nirvana to be. Like when you’re having beers with your friends, having big cook ups that are real fun to share and we’ve always been lucky enough to have got to do that with (fellow scene peers) Dune Rats. ‘Valhalla’ was based on those experiences, but it’s also kind of cryptically about flying under the radar and avoiding getting into any kind of trouble, and staying healthy enough to keep having those times as you get older throughout your life.”

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Bryan Giles of Red Fang called in to talk about their new album “Arrows” out on June 4 2021. Here’s what we talked about:
Pandemic and Plans (0-1)
“Arrows” album (1-3)
“Arrows” video (3-5)
Livestream (5-7)
Actual Touring (7-8)
Mayhem Festival 2011 (8-11)
Red Fang Craft Beer (11-13)
Mandatory Metallica (13-end)

SOJA (SOLDIERS OF JAH ARMY) are based in Arlington, Virginia & formed in 1997.

The song is a collaboration with Stick Figure & is the first preview of SOJA’s forthcoming album, which still has no title or drop date.

SOJA will also be performing at this year’s Reggae Rise Up Festival happening in Downtown Las Vegas on October 9th.

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GARBAGE hails from Madison, Wisconsin & formed together in 1993.

This track will be featured on their upcoming album: “No Gods, No Masters,” which will be dropping on June 11th.

In a statement, vocalist Shirley Manson said of the new track:

“This is a song about inner conflict. About regret. About duality. In the past I have hurt so many people in my life, both knowingly and unknowingly. But when you’re young and in self-survival mode, much like a baby rattlesnake, you have no idea how strong your venom is. But it has the power to kill. Meanwhile you’re just out there having fun. This song is an ode to that idea of: Who are you going to be as a person? Are you going to be a force of harm or are you going to try to do good in the world? A song about the struggle that exists inside ourselves as humans.”

Garbage will also be performing live on October 5th at The Hollywood Bowl.

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Of the new track,


Angels & Airwaves are So.Cal. natives hailing from San Diego & were formed in 2005 by former Blink-182 guitarist: Tom Delonge after Blink went on hiatus.

This song will be featured on an upcoming album, which still has no title or drop date.

According to a statement, frontman: Tom Delonge said of the new track:

“In a music world that seems to be absent guitars, angst, and emotional authenticity, I felt it was important to lead with a song that mirrors the post-hardcore days of my youth, where the power of the music creates that feeling we once had as teenagers, where we wanted to break something and change the poisonous environment within our broken homes. These emotions create us. This song shows the seductive nature of an intense love built with that baggage from our youth, from being born into an imperfect household.”

Angels & Airwaves have also announced a new show happening on November 5th at the Palladium in Hollywood.

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Photo Credit: James Joiner

Modest Mouse formed in 1992 in Issaquah, Washington, and are currently based in Portland, Oregon.

This track will be featured on their forthcoming album: “The Golden Casket,” which will drop on June 25 via Epic Records.

According to a press release, Epic Records said of the new album:

“The Golden Casket heralds another new chapter in the band’s unpredictable evolution. Produced with Dave Sardy and Jacknife Lee in Los Angeles and in Modest Mouse’s studio in Portland, the album hovers in the liminal space between raw punk power and experimental studio science, frontman Isaac Brock explores themes ranging from the degradation of our psychic landscapes and invisible technology, to fatherhood. The twelve tracks behave like amorphous organisms, undergoing dramatic mutations and mood swings that speak to the chronic tug-of-war between hope and despair that plays out in Brock’s head.”

Modest Mouse will also be performing on the 2nd date of this year’s Life Is Beautiful Festival happening in Downtown Las Vegas this September.

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Ego Kill Talent’s Theo Van Der Loo called in to talk about their new album “The Dance Between Extremes” here’s what we talked about:
Pandemic and Plans (0-2)
606 Studios in Los Angeles (2-7)
Switching Instruments (7-15)
Mandatory Metallica (15-20)
System Of A Down (20-22)
European Festivals (22-end)


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