August Burns Red singer Jake Luhrs called in to talk about their cover of the System Of A Down classic “Chop Suey” as well his “YourLife” Gym, here’s what we talked about:
YourLife Gym (0-11)
Burpees (11-13)
How To Get Involved with the Gym (13-15)
Killswitch Engage/ABR tour 2020 (15-18)
“Guardians” album (18-20)
“Bloodletter” song (20-22)
“Chop Suey” song (22-26)
Discovering System Of A Down (26-27)
Hockey is back-NHL 2021 season (27-end)


Gentleman’s Dub Club originated in Leeds, Yorkshire – England and have been active since 2006.

This track features reggae artist: Hollie Cook, & cements a long-standing relationship between these UK reggae trailblazers, “Honey” is a beautiful, lush, and lilting one-drop delight. GDC vocalist: Scratchley and Cook share vocal duties, while the GDC horns and rhythm section – complete with drums from reggae legend and Prince Fatty-staple: Horseman – create rich harmonies that swirl around the vocals like bees to a honey pot.

The music video for this track is still under production, but once it is out, I’ll be sure to share it with you!


Weezer are So.Cal. locals from Los Angeles & have been doing their thing since 1992.

This track will be featured on their forthcoming album: “OK Human,” which will be available on Friday, January 29th!

According to a press release, 2020 was going to be the year of Van Weezer — the big riffs rock album Weezer made as an homage to the metal bands they loved growing up — until, thanks to the global pandemic, it suddenly wasn’t. The entire time, however, Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo was busy at the piano, writing a very different album that referenced another vital musical touchstone of his youth: The Beach Boys’ Pet Sounds.

Throughout the summer of Covid-19, he and the band — along with a 38 piece orchestra — chipped away at masked recording sessions until the record was complete. The result is an album called OK Human — a cheeky nod to Radiohead’s technophobic future-trip OK Computer, but sounding nothing at all like that record. Taking the listener bit by bit through parts of Cuomo’s every day, it’s a Technicolor symphonic spree that meditates on how over-and-under-connected we all are, particularly in a year where we can see each other with greater ease, but actually can’t physically be near each other at all.

OK Human is also packed to the brim with some of the best, most personal songs Cuomo has written in the last decade, all of which shine brighter and bolder with splashes of string and horn arrangements courtesy of album producer Jake Sinclair and arranger Rob Mathes. It’s hard to imagine any other band who came up in the alt haze of the 90s creating a simply perfect orchestral pop album, but that is exactly what Weezer’s done; OK Human is a testament to the excellent, enduring melodies Cuomo has written since Weezer’s inception, and the ones he continues to write today.

As of today, Weezer are still set to perform on the Hella Mega Tour at Dodger Stadium on July 17th.

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O

WITHIN TEMPTATION are from Waddinxveen, Netherlands & formed together in 1996 by vocalist Sharon den Adel and guitarist Robert Westerholt.

According to a press release, Within Temptation vocalist: Sharon den Adel explains:

“‘The Purge’ revolves around self-reflection and a search for redemption. No one gets through life without scars or without inflicting them on others and there will always be moments in your life you start questioning your choices. You start realizing you’ve made mistakes, causing harm to not only others but also to yourself. To confess, to acknowledge and to accept these mistakes, can be a very painful process – however, it’s inescapable when the burden becomes too heavy.”

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O

Breaking In A Sequence aka BIAS called in to talk about their cover of the Faith No More classic “Midlife Crisis”, here’s what we talked about:
Name change (0-2)
“Midlife Crisis” cover (2-7)
New Management and future plans (7-11)
Rich’s quarantine covers (11-14)
Nine Inch Nails “The Pretty Hate Machine” vs. “The Downward Spiral” (14-17)
Korn “Untouchables” album recording & “Here To Stay” (17-end)

Corey Taylor, front-man for both Slipknot & Stone Sour hails from Des Moines, Iowa & has been musically active since 1992.

This track is featured on his first solo album titled: “CMFT“, for Corey Mother Fucking Taylor, & is already out.

On the music video for this track, Corey Taylor told Bravo’s Daily Dish:

“The video for ‘Samantha’s Gone’ served two purposes: making fun of so-called ‘indie rock’ bands and getting all my friends together to hang out and have a good time. We all went back and forth between having fun and social distancing. Watching the first ‘band’ was great, then being fired from our OWN song in favor of Steel Panther was the icing on the cake – can’t wait for everyone to see it!”

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O

OF MICE & MEN are So.Cal. natives hailing from Costa Mesa and formed in 2009.

They recently signed a new record deal with SharpTone Records and, to commemorate this, they’ve unleashed the first song off their forthcoming E.P.: “Timeless,” which is set to drop on February 26th.

According to an article on LOUDWIRE.COM, vocalist Aaron Pauley said of the track:

“It’s a song about questioning how future-proof one is in the grand scheme of things, and acknowledging that maybe we aren’t at all. I think we all wonder, to a certain extent, whether or not we’ll fit into the future, or how we would, or what that would look like. Obsolescence is very prevalent in our lives. We see how quickly old phones become virtually useless, how quickly fads and trends come and go. It’s all too easy to ponder about when you’ll become a covered wagon, or a flip phone, or Myspace.”

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O


ROB ZOMBIE hails from Haverhill, Massachusetts, he is a founding member of the band White Zombie & began his solo-career in 1996. He is also filmmaker and voice actor.

This track will be featured on his forthcoming album: “The Lunar Injection Kool Aid Eclipse Conspiracy” & will drop March 12th, 2021.

You can pre-order the album in multiple formats HERE!

Also, there’s a new book by authors Luigi Boccia and Lorenzo Ricciardi titled: “Rob Zombie. Il circo degli orrori” (Rob Zombie. The Circus Of Horrors), which is an Italian book looking at the film-making career of Rob Zombie

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O

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