The Black Keys are from Akron, Ohio & formed in 2001.

This track will be featured on their forthcoming album: “Delta Kream,” which is set to drop on May 14th. The new album celebrates the band’s blues roots and is a celebration of their early inspiration. The music on the album hails from Mississippi juke joints and has long left an imprint on the band’s music.

Of the new album, vocalist & guitarist Dan Auerbach says:

“We made this record to honor the Mississippi hill country blues tradition that influenced us starting out. These songs are still as important to us today as they were the first day Pat and I started playing together and picked up our instruments. It was a very inspiring session with Pat and me, along with Kenny Brown and Eric Deaton, in a circle, playing these songs. It felt so natural.”

Drummer Pat Carney adds:

“The session was planned only days in advance and nothing was rehearsed. We recorded the entire album in about 10 hours, over two afternoons at the end of the Let’s Rock tour.”

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ST. VINCENT is composed of singer, songwriter and producer Annie Clark who began her music career as a member of the Polyphonic Spree & formed her own band in 2006.

This track will be featured on her upcoming album: “Daddy’s Home,” which is set to drop on May 14th.

According to a press release, St. Vincent says of the new album:

“Daddy’s Home collects stories of being down and out in downtown NYC. Last night’s heels on the morning train. Glamour that’s been up for three days straight.”

St. Vincent will also be performing on the final day of this year’s Life Is Beautiful Festival happening in Downtown Las Vegas on September 19th.

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Sir Mick Jagger is a singer, songwriter, actor, and film producer who has gained worldwide fame as the lead singer and one of the founder members of the Rolling Stones.

On this track, Mick Jagger contemplates over the past year on a personal and global level, noting that while the world remains gripped by the pandemic, a return to pre-pandemic life is getting closer.

This track features Dave Grohl of the Foo Fighters, as Mick sent audio parts to each other back and forth over the past month, with Jagger on vocals and guitar and Grohl handling  backing guitar, drums, and bass.

According to a press release, Sir Mick Jagger says of the track:

“I wanted to share this song that I wrote about eventually coming out of lockdown, with some much needed optimism – thank you to Dave Grohl for jumping on drums, bass and guitar, it was a lot of fun working with you on this – hope you all enjoy Eazy Sleazy!”

Dave commented – “It’s hard to put into words what recording this song with Sir Mick means to me. It’s beyond a dream come true. Just when I thought life couldn’t get any crazier……and it’s the song of the summer, without a doubt!!”

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Escape The Fate drummer Rob Ortiz called in to talk about their new album “Chemical Warfare” (out 4/16/21)
Here’s what we talked about:
“Chemical Warfare” and the pandemic (0-2)
“Invincible” with Lindsey Stirling (2-5)
“Not My Problem” Drum lesson with Travis Barker (5-8)
Start playing drums? (8-11)
“Unbreakable” (11-14)
“Chemical Warfare” NOT a Slayer cover (14-14:30)
Touring (14:30-15:35)
Las Vegas (15:35-17:35)
Mandatory Metallica (17-21)

LIGHT THE TORCH are So.Cal. locals hailing from Los Angeles, they are considered a “super-group” as the band consists of ex-members of Killswitch Engage, All Shall Perish, & Bleeding Through & were formerly known as “Devil You Know” until mid-2017.

This track will be featured on their upcoming album: “You Will Be The Death Of Me,” which is set to drop on June 25th.

According to a press release, vocalist Howard Jones says of the track:

“It has a different vibe and a very interesting riff. I love it when listeners can take what they want from a song. This was a special one for us.”

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IDA MAE hails from Norfolk in the U.K. & made their debut in 2019.

This track guest features Marcus King on guitar & is the title-track to their forthcoming album: “Click Click Domino,” which is due out on July 16th.

According to a press release, the band says of the track:

“This was written kind of as a knee jerk song. The unfiltered noise of social media, concerns surrounding social engineering, the lack of emotional connection and physical disconnection gets to all of us. We all know how easy it is to falsify an image, be it in fashion / politics / or any aspect of your everyday and in a lot of people’s lives it has become a necessity to play into it. I wanted to write the lyrics to ‘Click Click Domino’ almost as Twitter statements, counting characters, making a short sharp stream of consciousness commentary.”

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DEAD POETS SOCIETY were formed in Boston, Massachusetts in 2016 while the band members attended college, but are now based in Los Angeles.

This track is featured on their latest album: “-!-” (pronounced The Exclamation Album) & is already out.

According to a statement on their label’s website, Spinefarm Records, the band cryptically said of the song”

“More fighting, more screaming matches, another day walking out the door with a sick feeling in your stomach. Fuck them. You don’t need them. They need YOU… but still… you love them. Love? More like you’re addicted to them and they’re addicted to you. Talk shit bitch, say it like you want to leave. You love me like cocaine.”

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LINES OF LOYALTY hail from Kenosha, Wisconsin & were previously known as “Mixed Company” until 2021.

According to a press release, vocalist Nubz Morrison says of this track:

“As far as the meaning, you could think of it in terms of a relationship, but it also could be about battling your own demons. We’re all personally fighting to be good or bad, do right or wrong, and stay on the dark side or the light side. It really means a lot to us now. The emotion is raw, real, and straightforward.”

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BLACK PISTOL FIRE is a duo who are Canadian-born but now Austin-based & have been around since 2011.

This is the title-track to their latest album: “LOOK ALIVE,” which is already out.

According to a post on their official Facebook page, the band says of the track:

LOOK ALIVE was written about a car that has been named ‘Psycho 69’ by the subject. Someone who is fantasizing about leaving everything behind they have come to know for the pursuit of the dark unknown.”

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Arena’s Joey and JD called in to talk about their cover of Van Halen’s “Dreams” which Sammy Hagar LOVES.  Joey also gives us an update on his rock band Ovtlier and producer JD gives advice to young bands and talks future projects.

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