SHOC – Are You Prepared For A Possible Wildfire?


“When the call comes to evacuate, the County of San Bernardino is ready, willing and able to assist you with your evacuation needs,” stated Office of Emergency Services Manager Michael Antonucci. “We continually test our operation plans to ensure we are ready and available when needed.”

The SHOC “concept” was created in 2003, with its first deployment during the 2016 wildfire. After considerable refinement, coordination and training, this programmatic approach to mass care and sheltering is being held up as a model for multi-jurisdictional, multi-discipline mega-sheltering. Over 300 county employees are trained to support the SHOC. San Bernardino County can set-up three SHOCs simultaneously within two hours. Each shelter can accommodate 3,500-5,000 people for as long as necessary for residents to return to their homes safely.

Are you prepared? Have you signed up for the Telephone Emergency Notification System (TENS)? Learn more at


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