Redlands Fresh Air Challenge


The City of Redlands will join with the Redlands Conservancy during the entire month of January 2021 to present the Fresh Air Challenge, to walk, as a community, a combined million miles.

Response to the COVID-19 pandemic effectively shut down the Redlands Conservancy’s fund-raising activities for most of 2020, costing the organization many tens of thousands of dollars. To make up for the losses, the Fresh Air Challenge is big; it challenges Redlands to walk a million miles in a month, on their own time frame and on their own routes.

“Redlands Conservancy and the City of Redlands invite you to come out into the fresh air, all through the month of January,” said event coordinator Kathy Behrens. “We are aiming to walk a million miles during the month. If all 70,000 Redlands residents each walked 15 miles during the month, we would make it. That’s only a half mile each day.”

Fresh Air Challenge participants are encouraged to walk Redlands’ Heritage Trails which are all over the town including at the open space sites in Live Oak and San Timoteo Canyons. They also may walk their own streets or other neighborhoods or downtown. They can walk solo or with friends and family, while continuing to observe all public health guidelines, such as wearing facial coverings and maintaining six feet of distance, anytime they are with others from outside their household.

“This event will raise funds for Redlands Conservancy’s projects and programs, for the trail maintenance, and open space management,” said Behrens. “The strategy is for participants to ask friends, co-workers, bosses, neighbors and family members to support their challenge by contributing to Redlands Conservancy, according to how many miles the participant walks during the month.”

Redlanders and visitors can register online to join the challenge, and check-in whenever they walk about town. Redlands’ open space trails, pathways, parks and streets are all open for exploration.

Participants can use their smartphone, tablet or computer to record their miles. The Conservancy will keep track of the miles and all contributions. Participants who raise $150 will earn a limited-edition Fresh Air Challenge T-shirt. Updates of miles walked will be posted on the Conservancy’s website HERE.

  • Register HERE. For more information, contact the Redlands Conservancy at (909) 782-6208 or the City of Redlands Recreation Division at (909) 798-7642.

The Redlands Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to Preserve Redlands historic built environment and irreplaceable agricultural and natural environments, for today’s and future generations.


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