Inland Caregiver Resource Center


Attention family caregivers! Are you caring for a parent, sibling, partner, or other family member who is an older adult, has a chronic condition, or has shown symptoms related to memory loss, Alzheimer’s or dementia? Are you feeling overwhelmed and tired? Inland Caregiver Resource Center is here to help! Inland Caregiver Resource Center is a non-profit agency providing services to family caregivers and seniors in the Inland Empire. Their mission is to help family caregivers and the community cope with and manage the challenges of caregiving. They offer caregiver assessments, self-care workshops, support groups, counseling, and respite to give you a break from caregiving at NO COST. Learn how you the family caregiver can get help today.

  • Family caregivers are informal caregivers who care for a family member or close friend.
  • Caregivers have a higher possibility of passing away before their loved one, Don’t be a statistic!
  • Inland Caregiver Resource Center can provide you respite, which is a break from caregiving.
  • Learn how to prevent burnout and learn new ways to cope with your loved ones challenging behaviors.
  • Receive in home care such as homemaker which provides light house cleaning so you can get  a break.
  • Learn about Dementia, and how illnesses such as Alzheimer’s can affect your life.

Give Inland Caregiver Resource Center a call today at 800-675-6694 or visit their website


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