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$5,000 KCAL Super Squares ’20


It’s all set! San Francisco and Kansas City are playing Sunday to determine which KCAL Rocker wins the $5,000 KCAL Super Squares Pool! The 100 squares are full, and you can check out the complete game board below! Here’s to hoping for a great game, and for the KCAL Rockers that were lucky enough to score a square…Best of luck!

The Numbers Have Been Picked!


The Final Game Board:

How To Win:

Just listen each weekday for The Refs To Give Another Lame Ass Ruling…then be caller #25 on the KCAL Hotline at (909) 431-4967. And you’ll get your name in one of the squares in the pool that could win you the $5,000 KCAL Super Squares Grand Prize!  Then, if the final score matches the numbers of your box, you win!  After all the squares are full, we’ll assign the numbers. 

Win Online:

Here’s your chance to enter on KCAL Nation! We’ll be giving away four squares, one square each week!

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