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SPIRITBOX are from Victoria, British Columbia – Canada and formed together after splitting from the eccentrically iconic metal band iwrestledabearonce in 2017.

This track is featured on their debut album, “Eternal Blue“, which is already out.

According to a press release, vocalist Courtney LaPlante says of the song:

“I think this is the most scared I’ve been to put out a song, because I realize as we continue to release music in single format, listeners can start to assume what kind of band we are, and are alarmed when we do not meet those assumptions. I want to continue to showcase the fluidity that is inherent in heavy music, and even though this is just one part of a full body of work that may not sound exactly like this song, it is a song that we love and are obsessed with. I celebrate variation. 

‘Secret Garden’ is exciting to me, for this reason. I’m scared but excited, like I’m about to hit the big drop on a roller coaster, and I’m fully embracing that.”

Spiritbox will also perform for a SOLD OUT show on Wednesday, August 24th at The House of Blues in Anaheim.

Mike Z will be hanging out with vocalist Courtney LaPlante on this Saturday night’s WIRED IN THE EMPIRE starting at 10pm.

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