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BUDDERSIDE are So.Cal. locals hailing from Los Angeles & made their debut in 2016.

The track is taken from their upcoming spring 2022 record & gives a harrowing look into what can happen when people are pushed to the edge and things go ‘’too far.”

Its music video, filmed at several iconic locations on the famed Sunset Strip including the Whisky a-Go-Go and The Rainbow Bar & Grill, shares a visually graphic dramatization tackling mental health issues and triggers.

According to a statement, vocalist Patrick Alan Stone says of the track:

“We are all so close to the edge. Saying something kind could save a life. It’s easy to be reckless, but what we do and say can push people too far. Hollywood is the city of dreams, where they are born and die every day. I’ve seen good people murder over infidelity. I’ve lost my sister and my two closest friends to suicide over broken hearts, others to overdose–all just trying to ease the pain of a cruel world.”

“‘Too Far’ is about the struggle I’ve gone through with depression and suicidal thoughts after being f*cked over by people around me. I took that depression and turned it into rage to create a song that strips away all of the b.s. It’s a reminder to others to not push people too far, because they can snap and hurt themselves or even others. Just an honest cry for the world to do the right thing. If someone you know is in need of help, you’re not alone. Call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255) or 911, there is help.”

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