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MASTODON hails from Atlanta, Georgia & formed together in 2000.

This track is featured on their latest album: “Hushed And Grim“, which is already out.

According to an interview with Kerrang! Magazine, the band explained how the new album tackles the loss of band manager and close friend Nick John:

​“It’s about grief, about guilt, about all those fun feelings. It’s awful seeing your friend suffer like that and knowing there’s nothing that you can do. If you know, you know…” says drummer Brann Dailor.

“It’s about taking the factual, brutal darkness of a life’s moment, then really trying to navigate through and beyond it,” continued bassist Troy Sanders. ​“Writing and recording this record was like grief counselling for me: started out feeling horrific, came out feeling fantastic. Even if we wanted to write a happier record, we couldn’t. Our band doesn’t work that way. We can’t just shovel all of the darkness aside and say that everything was great.”

Mastodon will also be performing on Wednesday, December 1st along with OPETH at The Hollywood Palladium.

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