(LISTEN) Light The Torch gutiarist Francesco Artusato talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Light The Torch guitarist Francesco Artusato called in to talk about their new album “You Will Be The Death Of Me” (out now). Here’s what we talked about:
New Album “You Will Be The Death Of Me” & Pandemic (0-5)
Alex Rudinger on Drums? (5-7)
Album Production and Sequencing (7-9)
Additional Album vocals (9-10)
Terrence Trent D’Arby “Sign Your Name” cover (10-11)
KSE, ABR, LTT at Riverside Municipal Auditorium (11-12)
opening for Mark Morton’s solo tour (12-14)
Car Accident (14-18)
Mandatory Metallica (18-end)

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