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SOJA (SOLDIERS OF JAH ARMY) are based in Arlington, Virginia & formed in 1997.

The song is a collaboration with reggae artists: Collie Budz & J Boog, & is featured on SOJA’s forthcoming album: “Beauty In The Silence,” which is dropping on September 24th.

According to a press release, front-man Jacob Hemphill says of the track:”

“When we first fell in love with this band, we were kids. We worked our other jobs. In a band, if you’re lucky, music eventually becomes your real job. While that’s amazing, if you’re not careful, it becomes more ‘job’ than ‘awesome.’ That’s when you gotta press rewind and remember why you fell in love, and why you’re still in love, with music. I was on Buddz’ bus after a show we did, and he was playing beats he made. He’s a dope producer. He got to this riddim and I freaked out and said ‘wait, dude pause it.’ He paused it for like 30 seconds and I wrote the hook, then he started it over and I sang it. It was on after that.”

SOJA will also be performing at this year’s Reggae Rise Up Festival happening in Downtown Las Vegas on October 9th.

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