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GOJIRA are from Landes, France & originally formed as Godzilla in 1996, but changed their name to Gojira in 2001.

This track will be featured on their forthcoming album: “Fortitude,” which will be dropping on April 30th.

According to a press release, “Born For One Thing” represents a natural evolution for the band: hyper-focused but unhinged, confrontational and yet compassionate. “We have to practice detaching ourselves from everything, beginning with actual things,” vocalist / guitarist Joe Duplantier says of the song’s anti-consumerist message, which was partially inspired by the Tibetan and Thai philosophers he read in his youth back in France. “Own less possessions, and give what you don’t need away, because one day we’ll have to let everything go, and if we don’t, we’ll just become ghosts stuck between dimensions.”

Gojira is also scheduled to perform on the 3rd night of this year’s AFTERSHOCK FESTIVAL happening in Sacramento in October.

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