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CAPTIVES are from Leeds, Yorkshire – England and have been active since 2013.

They were recently signed to SharpTone Records for the release of their debut album, due in early 2021. To give audiences a taste, the band has released this  standalone single to tide fans over until the full length can be revealed.

According to a press release, vocalist Matt Flood explains of the new single:

Glass Heart speaks about the fraudulence of our own sanity, self worth and pride; caused by the fractures and cracks in toxic relationships and friendships. We should not make one another feel like lesser people, nor should we let the toxicity of love and the need to be loved obstruct our vision of our own feelings and what’s important to us.

From questioning the sincerity and reasoning of the person before you, to subconsciously doubting your own gut feelings and second guessing yourself. ‘We should know better’ than to let the actions of another dictate our self worth.

We wrote this song to bring ourselves to our own attention; to realise that while we all have weakness like our glass hearts, we can also see that we are stronger than we’re perceived.”

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