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FOO FIGHTERS hail from Seattle, Washington & formed together in 1994.

This track was debuted on this past New Year’s Eve and will be featured on their new album: “Medicine at Midnight“, which is due out on February 5th of 2021.

Along with the release, Grohl penned a letter to Foo Fighter’s fans in which he reflected on the long wait for the album’s release, and bid farewell to 2020:

“Dear Everyone —

It was almost exactly a year ago that we finished recording our “new” record Medicine At Midnight, with a massive world tour planned that would have taken us around the globe celebrating our 25th anniversary as a band. But, well…you know…

So, we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

Until we finally realized that our music is made to be heard, whether it’s in a festival field with 50,000 our of closest friends, or alone in your living room on a Saturday night with a stiff cocktail.

So, the wait is over.

As we say goodbye (f*ck you) to 2020, and flip the calendar page to 2021, let’s ring in the new year with a new rocker, “No Son Of Mine”.

Pour a drink, turn it up, close your eyes and imagine that festival field blowing up to this.

Because it f*cking will.

Happy New Year,


You can pre-order the album HERE & watch the music video below.

Enjoy & share! –Frank_O


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