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Jonas Kungen Jarlsby, from left, John Alfredsson, Johannes Eckerstrom, Henrik Sandelin, and Tim Ohrstrom of Avatar pose at the Louder Than Life Festival on Saturday, Oct. 1, 2016, in Louisville, Ky. (Photo by Amy Harris/Invision/AP)

AVATAR formed in Gothenburg, Sweden & have been active since in 2001.

This track of featured on their latest album: “Hunter Gatherer” & is already out.

The music video to this track is introduced by frontman Johannes Eckerström, who says:

“The human soul can be found within a single cell – it’s like how the essence of a painting can be seen in a single brush stroke. Our drive to force our will upon the world is shackled, as no thought is truly free. Freedom can only exist in a state of chaos – and chaos breeds in the pits of conflict, searching for slaves under the whip of infallibility. We enter this room – within, a child that never was is taken, as faceless beings re-imagine the future. The birth of a giant… with a frozen heart.”

Avatar will also be performing on Wednesday, October 6th at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, as well as on-board the Shiprocked Cruise which KCAL is trying to send you to by qualifying you for the KCAL Getaway to Shiprocked!

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