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Photo by: Lindsay Fordham

The Expanders are So.Cal. natives hailing from Los Angeles & formed together in 2003.

The Expanders guitarist, John Butcher, and drummer, John Asher, pay tribute to the legacy of Toots Hibbert, sharing two cover tunes “Love Is Gonna Let Me Down” and “It Must Be True Love,” discussing the songs and their selection with Rootfire Director, Reid Foster.

These songs were recorded in mid-August, 2020, as part of the Center Stage with Reggae Icons project, a collaboration between @Rootfire and @California Roots to help educate modern audiences about the history of reggae music and it’s inherent links to social justice. Toots Hibbert was selected as the first artist in this series because he is one of the founding fathers of reggae music, and he had a new album coming out on August 28, 2020, right before the month-long deep dive was to begin on September 1, 2020. Toots went into the hospital with flu-like symptoms on August 27 and he never came out. He died on September 11, 2020.

The original intention of Center Stage with Reggae Icons was also to honor legends while they are still alive and can feel the love and admiration of everyone who has followed in their footsteps, and the fact that Hibbert passed away right at the beginning of the project only underscores that importance.

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