(LISTEN) Saul singer Blake Bedsaul talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Saul singer Blake Bedsaul called in to talk about their upcoming debut album “Rise As Equals” (out 10/23/20) Here’s what we talked about:
“King Of Misery” written with David Drainman (0-1)
Disturbed “The Sickness” 20th anniversary (1-3)
“Rise As Equals” album (3-4)
“Trial By Fire” song (4-5)
“Welcome To The Machine” Pink Floyd cover (5-8)
“Brother” bands (8-10)
Iowa and Slipknot (10-11)
Flannel Five (11-13)
“I Spare No Expense when it comes to ______” (13-end)


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