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ROYAL BLISS hail from Salt Lake City, Utah & formed together in 1977.

This track features former Sick Puppies vocalist: Shimone Moore. According to a press release, Royal Bliss and Shim had this to say on the song and it’s meaning to them:

“Writing the song with such a prolific songwriter like Shim was an amazing experience. I feel that for people like Shim and I, music truly is our medication, our therapy. I think the same goes for a lot of people in the world, and now more than ever people need a good strong dose. We are happy to be the doctors who fill that prescription.” -Neal Middleton, ROYAL BLISS

“I had the verse melody for medication for a while before I brought it to the band, but I could never finish it. Within 20 minutes of showing it to the band, we had the Chorus for “Medication” – That’s when I knew the song was going to be something special. We both spoke the same language. It’s a blessing to have a song coming out with the guys that comes from a personal place, yet is so meaningful on another level for everyone right now in these unprecedented times” -Shimone Moore, SHIM

“I remember jamming with Neal and Shim on the tune, and Shim being so quick with everything. His brain just rapid firing ideas! And at one point Shim said, we need a riff, “Taylor give me a fucking bad ass riff, mate!” and the guitar riff instantly came right out of me. Once we had the arrangement down, the lyrics and theme fit great with the vibe of the music. It was aggressive, yet meaningful. The lyrics mean even more now then they did when being written. Music being the Medication we all need right now.” -Taylor Richards, ROYAL BLISS

Royal Bliss also have a virtual live stream event from Pale Horse Studios on Friday, August 28th.

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