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FINNTROLL began their journey in 1997 & was born by half-accident at a Helsinki-based rehearsal room when two drunken friends, guitarist Somnium (1977–2003) and vocalist Katla, started experimenting with an alluring fusion of black metal riffs and Finnish “humppa” rhythms. With an added boost of folk melodies, fierce drumming and poetic Swedish lyrics, they quickly managed to create their own unique musical style and antichristian trollish folklore.

The namesake came from an old Finnish legend where Swedish priests coming to Finland had an encounter with a wild-looking man who killed most of their party. The survivors came back bearing the tale of the FINNTROLL.

On September 18th they release: “Vredesvävd“, their highly anticipated seventh studio album—the first in long seven years—via Century Media Records. The title translates to “Wrath-woven,” which aptly implies what the vigorous, unapologetic and ill-spirited record is all about.

Of the first new single “Orfmolk,” the band says:
“After seven years of hiding, ‘Ormfolk’ slithers its way to bring the human race a prelude of the forthcoming chaos which even global pandemics are unable to prevent. Catchy melodies, furious speed and the rabid black humppa will ensure that your ears will be hissing for a long time!”

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