Watch 7 Kids Shred White Zombie’s Thunderkiss ’65!

By skono on

The kids at the O’Keefe Music Foundation are constantly surprising the the rock community with their flawless cover songs. The latest video released from the music education foundation has a group of seven kids shredding to the White Zombie classic, “More Human Than Human.”

Annika Miller — age 7 — modular synth
Taylor Jade Campbell — age 9 — vocals
Willa Hillard — age 10 — tambourine
Logan Miller — age 10 — Hello Kitty drum kit
Gianna DeToro — age 12 — bass
Aidan Lamb — age 13 — rhythm guitar
Noah Williams — age 16 – slide guitar

Watch the cover of “More Human Than Human” below and learn more about the foundation here.


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