(LISTEN) Joyous Wolf singer Nick Reese talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Joyous Wolf singer Nick Reese called in to talk about their new single “Odyssey” and a ton more with Mike Z. Here’s what they talked about:
“Singers Speaking” show (0-2)
new song “Odyssey” (2-3:30)
full length album (3:30-6)
Lyric writing process (6-9)
touring with Deep Purple (9-12)
Lost shows due to pandemic (12-14)
Virtual Concerts? (14-17)
Favorite Roadrunner Records artists ever (17-20)
When it comes to ________ I spare no expense (20-24)
NBA Basekball talk (24-27)
Kobe and Slash story (27-end)


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