WATCH: Guy Sing ‘Last Resort’ in a Walmart, Papa Roach Responds

By skono on
Photo Attribution: "River City Rockfest Overview (2017-05-27)" by Ralph Arvesen is licensed under CC BY 2.0

TikTok user Donzell Taggart shared this hilarious clip below of him singing Papa Roach’s “Last Resort” while in a Walmart. What is makes the video that much better is none of the shoppers or workers seemed to be phased by his passionate performance.

@donzelltaggartWalmart Tour Pt. 4 San Antonio Texas (had to switch it up due to request?) ##fyp ##texas ##donzell @blake_aaron_♬ original sound – donzelltaggart

The clip went viral and eventually made its way in front of Papa Roach themselves who shared the video on Twitter with the caption, “Donzell broke it down!” The band then shared this delightful meme below.


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