(LISTEN) Trapt singer Chris Taylor Brown talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Trapt singer Chris Taylor Brown called in to talk about the new album “Shadow Work” out on 6/19/20. Here’s what we talked about:
Where were you when Pandemic hit (0-4)
Touring in the Future (4-7)
new album “Shadow Work” (7-12)
“Headstrong” song (12-14)
Muddfest at Silverlakes in Norco 10/18/19 (14-15)
Cruefest 2008 (15-16)
Flannel 5-Nirvana, PJ, STP, AIC, Soundgarden (16-18)
Separating “Art” from “Artist” (18-21)
“When it comes to (blank) I spare no expense” (21-22)
Social Media and Boxing (22-end)


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