(LISTEN) Monster Magnet Dave Wyndorf talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Monster Magnet leader Dave Wyndorf called in to talk about their “Powertrip” celebration tour which has now been rescheduled for Feburary 10 2021 at The Fonda Theater in Hollywood, California.  Here’s what they talked about: 

“Powertrip” tour and album (0-3)
“Space Lord” song (3-5)
Keyboards and sfx on “Power Trip” (5-7)
“Live For The Moment” for WWE’s Matt Hardy (7-10)
Monster Magnet on movie soundtracks (10-13)
Monster Magnet opening for Soundgarden (13-19)
Monster Magnet opening for Marilyn Manson & Hole (19-29)
New Monster Magnet music coming? (29-end)


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