Black Label Society at the RMA – with Obituary and Lord Dying

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Friday Night Black Label Society lit up the Riverside Municipal Auditorium, and the crowd loved it. It’s been a long time since I saw Zakk Wylde live, and man, he is freaking amazing. This is clearly a band a brothers. This guys make the complex stuff they play look so easy, and fun.

Bassist John DeServio (above) is one of the most fun musicians you’ll see. He seems to be smiling the entire set, and it’s infectious. Guitarist Dario Lorina (below) is one of those artists that just seems to so into the moment that there is almost a seriousness about how he plays.

On drums is Jeff Fabb, and he is another one that smiles throughout the show. At one point he smiled at me as if to say “here’s a photo for you”. That is a great example of what I mean when I say a band of brothers, they are having fun and in perfect sync with each other. It’s such a joy to watch, and the RMA was a perfect venue for this show.

Opening the night were Lord Dying and Obituary. Needless to say, the crowd absolutely loved the set Obituary played. the band consists of John Tardy on vocals, Donald Tardy on drums, Trevor Peres on rhythm guitar, bassist Terry Butler, lead guitarist Kenny Andrews. I could photograph Trevor all freakin day!

I mean dame, he is crazy fun with the crowd. I enjoy photographing drummers more than anything, and drummer Donald Tardy is no exception.

Put it this way, this band kicks some serious a**, and John’s vocals carry it so well. I got the feeling there were as many people at the show for Obituary as there were for Black Label Society.

As I mentioned above, the first band to hit the stage was Lord Dying, and I was not familiar with them beyond having heard the name. This four piece band from Oregon surprised me. Erik Olson handles vocals and guitar, and sounded great.

Guitarist Chris Evans was the person I found myself photographing a lot. The light was great on him, and he really commands attention as he plays.

The rhythm section is made up of Alyssa Maucere on bass, and vocals, and Kevin Swartz on drums.

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