Concert Review by Mike Z: Adema at House of Blues Anaheim 12/13/19

By Mike Z on

The crowd chanted “one more song” as the lights came on inside the Parish Room at the House of Blues of Anaheim on Friday the 13th of December, 2019 after Adema completed their set.

You remember Adema, that other band from Bakersfield who rose to gold record fame in the early 2000’s with hits like “Giving In” “The Way You Like It” and “Immortal.” They returned in 2019 with their New Blood Tour and a new singer, replacing Mark Chavez on vocals.  As Adema guitarist Mike Ransom stated in an interview with me after the show, “Marky doesn’t wanna do it anymore, doesn’t wanna sing the songs anymore.” They replaced him with fellow Bakersfield’ian Ryan Shuck best known for playing guitar in Orgy (another Bakersfield band) and singer of his own band Julien K. Hence the “new blood” tour.

The band came out one by one with instruments in hand and began their set with a song that seems to have described their career “Unstable.”  The set list consisted only of the band’s first two albums, other than “Immortal” from their “Insomniac’s Dream” E.P.  Three songs into the set, new singer Ryan Shuck greeted and thanked the crowd for attending and encouraged them to “Do What You Wanna Do” as they began the song of the same title.  The three-fourths full room in Anaheim almost felt like a hometown show for a band from Bakersfield. Ryan confessed half way through the set that he moved to Orange County nearly 20 years ago and had a ton of family and friends in the crowd.

After playing “The Way You Like It,” Ryan addressed the crowd again by saying, “This is the part of the show where we act like big rock starts and go in the back for a few and you guys chant ‘Adema’” (which the crowd did on command). He continued, “We are just going to skip to the part where we just play more songs” as they began “Trust” from their debut album.  As guitarist Mike Ransom picked the first couple of notes of “Giving in” the crowd erupted in screams and applause.   Ryan stuck the microphone in the crowd several times to have them sing along for all of the choruses for “Giving In” which the room sang perfectly back to him. At the conclusion of the song, the band thanked everyone for coming out and said to stick around as they wanted to say hi and take photos with every single person there (which they did). 

A successful transfusion of new blood is just what the doctor ordered.  Adema plans to move forward with Ryan Shuck by recording and releasing new music in 2020 as well as celebrating the 20th anniversary of their debut album in 2021. 


post concert interview with Adema's Mike Ransom and Kris Kohls

Adema "The Way You Like It" live 2019



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