Knotfest Roadshow – A Recap

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Knotfest Roadshow took over Glenn Helen Amphitheater last Saturday with four killer sets of music. This time it was going to be a smaller event than in the past, at least from a ‘festival” point-of-view. The multiple stages were gone, and there was no teaming up for Ozzfest Meets Knotfest. This year it was the streamlined Knotfest Roadshow, a single stage version of a festival known for great music, so yeah, it would be smaller. Here’s the thing though…. the fans don’t care how big it is, and they showed up to see this show 22,000 strong!

Headlining as usual was Slipknot, and their stage show is something you have to see to fully understand. It’s a sensory overload in the best possible way. Look up, and all around the stage, because something is happening everywhere. Vocalist Corey Taylor was as good as always, and it was pretty quick into the set that he stopped the show to tell those in the pit to “Back the f*** up”. It was getting crazy and someone needed attention, but the EMT’s couldn’t get in. That’s when Taylor yelled that “No one is f**king getting hurt on my f**king watch”. Once that was handled – and props to Corey for being so aware that he saw it and was able to help – the show continued. His mask this time around was really different. I liked how it would bend and change, giving different looks throughout the show. As you would expect, this was the set of the night.

The other three bands were a great fit for Knotfest Roadshow. All three of these bands I had not seen before, but I promise you I will again as soon as I can. Danish band Volbeat (vocalist Michael Poulsen is pictured below) was right before Slipknot, and this was the opening set I was looking forward the most. I love Michael Poulsen’s voice, and man did he sound fantastic live! When they hit the stage and kicked into “The Devil’s Bleeding Crown” as the first song I was actually surprised, and it made shooting photos harder because I was singing along. For song number two they went right into “Lola Montez”, talk about hit after hit. Those two set the one for a fantastic set.

I knew I would enjoy Volbeat, but when a band lives up to your every hope it’s a pretty awesome day. Can’t wait to see these guys again.

French metal band Gojira is one of those acts that’s been around for a long time, originally formed as Godzilla in 1996 – changing it to Gojira in 2001, and yet it seems so many people are just discovering them. They ran through a seven song set list that immediately had the crowd going. Gojira is a great choice to open for Slipknot. Vocalist Joe Duplantier (pictured below) was spot on with getting the crowd going, and if there were people there that didn’t know of the band before Saturday, he made sure they would remember them.

Opening the night was the Polish metal band Behemoth, and wow. I had not seen the band before, although I was aware of there setup a bit, with the makeup and big mic stands. When these guys hit the stage it was only 5:30 and still light out. For some people that would affect their energy, but not Behemoth. They hit the stage for “Wolves ov Siberia” with really cool masks on, and then removed those heading into the second song. The rest of the set was exactly what you’d expect from Behemoth, great sound and a show.

I like the “smaller” version of this festival. Because it’s all on the main stage, Knotfest Roadshow means you can find your spot, no matter if it’s on the lawn, in the seats, or jumping in the pit, and just enjoy the music. Plus, in the over 100 temperature it would have been a tough day walking back and forth to where they have always had the secondary stages.

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