(LISTEN) ZFG guitarist Trev Lukather talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

ZFG guitarist Trev Lukather called in to talk about ZFG and their tour with The Winery Dogs coming to the Grove Of Anaheim on May 30. Here’s what they talked about:
ZFG formation (0-1)
ZFG song “Special” (1-2)
Opening for The Winery Dogs on tour (2-3:20)
Trev’s Mt. Rushmore of Favorite Guitarists (3:20-5:10)
Guitar and Dad Steve Lukather of Toto (5:10-7:10)
Touched By The Hand of God VS. Practice (7:10-8:30)
Flannel Five-Nirvana, PJ, STP, AIC, Soundgarden (8:50-10:20)
Nu Metal Six Pack-RATM, Korn, LP, Slipknot, Disturbed, SOAD (10:20-11:20)
ZFG debut album (11-12)
European Tour with Toto (12-12:20)
Weezer/Toto cover swap (12:50-end)


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