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Team KCAL takes on an Escape Room!

Team KCAL takes on an Escape Room!



We assembled Team KCAL to take on the task of concoring one of Inland Empire Escape Room’s toughest rooms, The Pirate Adventure! Team KCAL consisted of Patrick & 4orty, Laura (from KCAL Promotions), Madison (our Digital Media chick), and KCAL Crew member Matt (who was supposed to just be taking Pictures and Video, but was ultimately forced to help in the escape).
As you can see things didn’t exactly start well, our first and maybe toughest obsticle was choosing a team name
Now that we finally got past all that, it was time to start our 60 minute timer and see if we could beat the clock.
“They tell you to start and you have no idea what to do first” – Patrick

“Your just looking all around and reading into everything like counting brick clusters in the wall, then finding out that it means absolutely nothing” – 4orty

“Why did there have to be MATH?!?” – Laura

After awhile of feeling like you’ve made no forward momentum at all, the unexpected started happening, we started solving puzzles. Which ultimately lead to our moment of victory!
Yup, Team KCAL was successful in breaking out of the Pirate Adventure room, and just under the wire too. We managed to escape in 55 minutes and 32 seconds!

Book your own escape at and see if you can beat our time for the Pirate Adventure, or try your luck at their other to rooms, The Panic Room or The Heist.

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