(LISTEN) Sin Quirin of Ministry and 3 Headed Snake talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Sin Quirin stopped by the KCAL studios to chat with Mike Z before heading out on tour with Ministry to talk about his new band: 3 Headed Snake.

Here’s what they talked about:
How 3 Headed Snake was formed (0-3)
3 Headed Snake sound (3-5)
Touring and Full Album for 3 Headed Snake (5-6)
Ministry tour (6-7)
Getting the gig in Ministry (7-10)
Humanizin Al Jourgensen (10-12)
Favorite Soundtrack (12-13)
Working on movie/TV soundtracks (13-15)
Who made Sin pick up a guitar (15-16)
Flannel 5 (16-17)
Social Media and V.A.S.T. (17-to end)


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