(LISTEN) Every Time I Die singer Keith Buckley at Warped Tour talks to Mike Z-Wired In The Empire

By Mike Z on

Caught up with Keith Buckley of Every Time I Die backstage at the 1st date of the Warped Tour on June 21 at the Fairplex in Pomona, California. Here what we talked about:
RIP Warped Tour (0-1)
Ozzfest (1-2)
song “Glitches” (2-3)
album “Low Teens”/new music (3-4)
Flannel 5 (Nirvana, PJ, STP, Soundgarden, AIC) (4-6)
How Keith discovered Metallica (6-7)
Favorite movie Soundtrack-Judgement Night (7-8)
The return of As I Lay Dying thoughts (8-10)
ETID celebrating 20 years as a band (10-11)


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