Daughtry at The Fox PAC Riverside

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Daughtry is fantastic live…. so now you know. If he comes back to the I.E don’t miss it. Monday night he returned to the Fox for a great night, this time with the full band rocking the place. Last time he was in Riverside, also at the Fox, he did an acoustic show that was amazing – you can see those photos here – but this time was a show I had heard about and really wanted to see.

It’s actually great to be a show where everyone knows every song,. and sings along. I mean it’s not always great, sometimes you’re next to the guy that thinks he can sing, even though he shouldn’t, and he’s always the one that sings along – OUT LOUD. Luckily that didn’t happen to me Monday.

The bottom line is Daughtry can freakin’ sing. It’s one of those voices that grabs you from the first minute and makes you want stand the whole show…and of course then everyone wants to stand for the whole show. I kinda felt bad for the shorter people in the crowd. His band by the way is amazing. I had heard that before, but having only seen the acoustic show this was my first time seeing the whole band. Really tight.

So once again, if for some reason you didn’t go to this show, be sure to catch him next time he’s here. Trust me, and I will be there too most likely.

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