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KCAL presented Shinedown last Thursday at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium (RMA) and man, what a show. I think we all knew it was going to be a great show – and we were right. First of all, that voice. Brent Smith’s vocal abilities are insane. You know how when you go to see a show for a band you love, but in the back of your head you wonder how they will sound live? Well, at least with Shinedown, they sound as good as it gets. Amazing vocals, and musically tight as hell.

The set list was a great mix:

Sound of Madness
Cut the Cord
How Did You Love
I’ll Follow You
The Human Radio
State of the Head
If You Only Knew
Second Chance
Diamond Eyes
Simple Man

And let me tell you, Barry Kerch on drums is a beast. Please let me photograph this guy everyday.

One of the highlights to me was watching Zach Myers (pictured below). His acoustic work on Simple Man – just plain awesome.

Rounding out the band is Eric Bass (pictured below). There is an energy and “fun” to Eric’s performance that had me keep coming back to watching him. And the guy can get some air!

Overall, just a hands down fantastic show.

Shinedown will be back in Southern California at the Fivepoint Amphitheater in Irvine, with Godsmack and Like A Storm, on Aug 4th – get your tickets here.

Opening the show Thursday was Savage After Midnight (pictured above). I really wanted to link to them here, they did a great set, but I can’t find their website. If anyone knows a link please let me know so I can update this post.

UPDATE: I found them! You can follow Savage After Midnight on Instagram, or their site is

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