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Mike Z caught up with Cody and Briton backstage at the Self Help Fest at the NOS on March 3, We talk about some tunes on the new album and how much Jeremy McKinnon helped them in the studio. Plus, we talk about the final year of the Warped tour and how difficult it is to do that tour in a van. The guys also talk about going to the Warped Tour as kids and some of the bands they have seen in years past. Plus, the guys say farewell to Slayer.

When asked about their new single “Gravity”
“It’s Wage War but it’s a different approach, you don’t have to be hard all time to get the message across”

When asked about A Day To Remember singer Jeremy McKinnon (who produced their album)
“Jeremy is one of the most talented people I’ve ever been in a room with”
“We get to the studio in the morning and we don’t just get right to it, we talk, hey how you been, what’s up. Jeremy just had a child. Just bros”

When asked about the Warped Tour
“any bands listening, I know it’s the last Warped Tour, not to scare you, but that tour is super punk rock, if you’re doing it in a van, you’re going to grind”

Wage War Cody and Briton at Self Help Fest

Wage War "Gravity"



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