(LISTEN) Tracii Guns talks LA Guns Reunion with Phil Lewis, how Tracii and Axl formed Guns N Roses and more with Mike Z

By Mike Z on

Tracii Guns talks to Mike Z about reconnecting with Phil Lewis and rejoining L.A. Guns after a 10 year absence and recording their new album “The Missing Peace” (out now).  Tracii also shares his thoughts about some guitarists that we have lost recently: Eddie Clark of Motorhead and Malcolm Young of ACDC.  Tracii also opens up about how he is the “Guns” in Guns N Roses and how the band was formed and the first time he heard Axl sing.  Plus, Tracii talks about whether or not he would ever put out a book and what comes to mind when he thinks “Inland Empire” 

L.A. Guns guitarist Tracii Guns

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