Lit Rocks the KCAL Holiday Ball

By Razz on

Last week was the KCAL Holiday Ball at the Vibe Nightclub at Morongo Casino, and it was fantastic night. This post will cover the band, but if you are looking for photos of the crowd and KCAL Crew be sure to check out this post on our Facebook page.

The band Lit was the entertainment this year, and they were amazing, but here were a number of reasons I was excited to photograph this band.

First of all, I’m a fan. These guy are just fun live. It’s hard to describe “fun”, but lets just say you can’t listen to Lit and not smile. Their sound is infectous, and the crowd at the ball loved them.

The second and main reason I was excited to photograph Lit is because the bass player Kevin Baldes (pictured above) is also a concert photographer. You can see his work here, but lets just say I wish as half as good as he is. I was nervous to photograph this show. Photographing an artist that understands what we photographers do is always great, but photographing a platinum selling artist that is a better photographer than you is challenging.

It was a blast to watch how this band took control of the crowd. They made a connection quickly, and had the crowd going crazy almost immediately. As I am typing this post I find myself wishing I could see them, and photograph them, again.

Don’t take my word for it, check them out for yourself, and be sure to listen to their new album – it’s really good. Thanks again to the band and crew for a great night! Below is a gallery of photos, and be sure to leave your thoughts on the show over on the Facebook post, and tag yourself in any photos there.

~ Razz

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