In This Moment, with Of Mice & Men and Avatar, at the RMA

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I was talking to someone Wednesday night about the concert scene in the Inland Empire and we both agreed… the I.E. is getting a quality of shows like we have never seen before. Tuesday night I had been at the Fox Performing Arts Center to photograph the amazing Joe Bonamassa, and then Wednesday night I found myself at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium to catch In This Moment, with the opening acts Of Mice & Men and Avatar. It is seriously a great time to live in the Inland area.

In This Moment is the LA based metal band fronted by Maria Brink, and if you have not seen them before then you are missing out on one great show. I have seen and photographed them a few times in the past, and this band never disappoints. It’s not your normal stand at a microphone type show, as you can see from these photos. It’s a production and presentation like few other artists out there.

Drummer Kent Diimmel is actually becoming one of my fave drummers to photograph. He actually smiles when he plays, not common in metal, and it just makes me want to have fun with him. The best part is they sound great, which is why they are becoming so popular. What I am trying to say is that they seem to have it all, a knack for hit songs, and the creativity to wrap it into a great show. Go catch them soon.

Of Mice & Men is another Southern California based band that I have seen and photographed a few times in the past, and I was really looking forward to catching them again. They have gone through some changes over the last year or so and I wanted to see how it changed their on stage performance. Everyone there seemed to enjoy them as always, and their show sounded great. Just take my word for it and see them. You’ll be glad you did

Fun fact for those that understand photography…. The OM&M set was really dark, I mean almost no light on the band members, so the two images above were shot at 16,000 ISO. I’ve never had to do that before… usually I am around 3200 max with a rare 6400. Actually surprised it worked.

The opener Wednesday was the Swedish band Avatar, and I was not familiar with these guys beyond hearing from multiple people what a great show they do, and man…. so good. I don’t want to try and describe this show, because I won’t do it justice. I keep thinking of the phrase Insane Circus, but no… it’s just a really creative presentation wrapped around really solid metal. Like In This Moment and Of Mice & Men, I like it a lot when you get really talented people together to play great music, and at the same time give some thought to entertaining their fans.

I kind of didn’t want this show to end. Three bands I would see again in a minute, and if I could photograph them again I would. Keep your eyes open for tour dates.

As always, there is a gallery of images from the show below. If you were there comment on Facebook.

~ Razz

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