P.O.D., Alien Ant Farm and Powerflo at the RMA

By Razz on

P.O.D. headlined a show at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium last week, along with Riverside’s own Alien Ant Farm and opener Powerflo. I have seen and photographed P.O.D. before, and thought they were great live, but it was years ago on an outdoor stage in the midday sun at Rock Vegas. I was excited to see them again, and espesscially in a venue like the RMA where I might be able to get some nice photos.

As expected, I thought P.O.D. was great again, and the crowd appeared to agree with me – it was packed. Set to play for about an hour, I think they went long, and everyone was ok with it. These guys know how to work a crowd. Two things surprised me at this show. There was only one other photographer, which was great, and while for AAF and Powerflo we were limited to the standard first three songs from the photo pit, for P.O.D. we were allowed the first three songs from either the pit or on stage. I did about one and half from each location.

In the end, I am excited to see them again. Oh yeah, the set list for P.O.D was awesome, and kicking it off with Boom set the tone. When they went into Youth of a Nation, or Satellite, or Alive, it brought about as much energy as you could expect, and the Pit was the biggest I have seen at the RMA.

Alien Ant Farm, a band formed in Riverside in the mid 90’s, I had not seen live before. Their set list consisted of all their hits: Courage, Forgive & Forget, Movies, These Days, Wish, What I Feel, Attitude, Glow, Sticks & Stones, and Smooth Criminal, and that last one was a great close to the set.

I hope they enjoyed playing the hometown show, in such a classic Riverside venue. At one point someone from the crowd jumped up on the stage, and vocalist Dryden Mitchell looked a bit surprised that the guy had made it that far. Security quickly handled it though.

Powerflo is a band I had heard about, but wasn’t very familiar with. The band is basically a Rap / Metal supergroup, and it has some well known members – Cypress Hill’s Sen Dog, Biohazard’s vocalist and guitarist Billy Graziadei, Downset guitarist Rogelio “Roy” Lozano, Ex-Fear Factory bassist Christian Olde Wolbers, and drummer Fernando Schaefer from the Brazilian band Worst.

If you are not familiar with them yet, my guess is you will be soon. They were a really cool mix of genres – their Facebook description says “Distilling heavy metal, hip-hop, punk, and rock into a potent sonic strain”. Hmmm, “potent sonic strain”…. ok. Sometimes marketing teams get ahead of themselves and try too hard. Let me put it into real English for you, the band sounded great. You should go check them out, and my guess is you’ll buy their new release.

I need to add, as always, what a great job Live Nation and the RMA staff did. I have been a house photographer, so I am used to being onstage with All Access, but when I was on stage for P.O.D, I was treated so well by the stage crew – a big shout out to Jeff Linton for the kindness. The drum tech for P.O.D. was recording video on his iPhone, so I offered to let him try my wide angle iPhone lenses from Olloclip. I am always aware of my rules and time limits, and when he was still using the lens I mentioned I was supposed to leave the stage. He stopped to make sure the stage manager was ok with me staying up there the rest of the show. Really top notch people.

Lots more images are below, and please leave any comments below. As always, the photos are copyright Steve Brazill, and all rights are reserved.


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