The Photos-Korn at the House of Blues Anaheim

By Razz on

When I heard Korn was playing at the new House of Blues Anaheim I smiled…. a very big smile.

Let me backup, I have photographed Korn 4 or 5 times, with my first being in 2011 at the 48 Hours Festival in Vegas. Anyone who knows me has heard me say that Korn is my favorite band to photograph. It’s hard to explain why, but on many levels they are just plain amazing live. Their lighting… awesome, their sound… awesome, and most importantly, their delivery… freaking awesome. They honestly seem to be having as much fun as the crowd at every performance. Seriously, I don’t know if that’s a fact, but it sure seems like it, so I am staying with that point.

So back to where I started, every time I have seen this band they have been at some large, multi-day outdoor festival. So Korn at a venue like the House of Blues? Yes please.

This past weekend they played to two sold out crowds, on Sunday and Monday, with openers King’s Bounty. I don’t what I can say to get you out to see Korn live, but I have to try, so let’s try this:

Go see Korn live, please.

There we go, that’s all I’ve got. There are just no words to describe it. They are fun, sound great, and put on a performance like no one else I have seen. I could photograph these guys everyday – and yes, I’m making a pitch to be hired to do that. No shame in begging, right?

By the way, I had not been to the new House of Blues location in Anaheim before this weekend, and I have to say… it’s big… really big. I liked it a lot. The staff was so great too. They have a great lineup in the coming weeks and months, so start checking them out. I also had not seen King’s Bounty before, and while their lighting was really tough photographically (vocalist Anthony “Q” Quiles is pictured below), they sounded great too.

Photos of both bands are in the gallery below, and if you were there, please drop a note in the comments or on Facebook telling us what you thought of the show.


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