Queensryche at the RMA – Photos

By Razz on


Last Thursday night Queensryche hit the RMA, with openers Midnight Eternal and Armored Saint. It’s becoming a recurring theme that I have a hard time believing some of the acts coming to the I.E. It’s a great time to live here, and Riverside is quickly becoming the go to place for shows


I was excited for the this show, and I quickly realized that I wasn’t the only one when I got there to find Jimbo, Mike Z, and The Bob Show all there. The openers were good too, with Midnight Eternal, a band I was not familiar with, starting off, followed by Armored Saint (pictured Below), a band I have wanted to photograph for awhile. They did not disappoint!


The only downside of the night was the lighting, at least from a photography point of view. It was bright for Queensryche, but Midnight Eternal was really dark, and all the bands had lots of red – which makes people look pink. It’s not really flattering in photos, but that was the lighting we had, so I made the most of it.


Below is a gallery of images from the three performances, and if you were there, let me know how you like the show in the comments.

Update: This post originally listed the day incorrectly as Friday, and has been corrected to list the day as Thursday.


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