Parkway Drive and Guests at the RMA – Photos

By Razz on


Monday night at the Riverside Municipal Auditorium was a night for Metalcore fans, as Australian band Parkway Drive hit the IE. It seems like there are a lot bands coming to town lately that are on my bucket list of bands to photograph, and Parkway Drive was one more.


This is one of the tightest Metalcore bands I have seen, and they are great live. I loved the stage setup too – with no amps. It was just clean open space, and they used every part of it. Lighting at RMA isn’t always great, I sometimes think someone is just randomly hitting buttons, but for Parkway Drive was pretty nice.


Vocalist Winston McCall has a great stage presence, smiling and having a blast the whole time. They were in San Diego Tuesday Night, and I suggest watching for the tour hitting a venue near you.


The band right before Parkway Drive was a band I have photographed at Warped Tour, and I was excited to get the chance to photograph and see them indoors. We Came As Romans is a band from Michigan, and having spent some time in radio in Detroit, I love seeing what the area produces. This is one of the most active bands you will ever see live.


Most of the time when photographing these shows you hope and pray for a member to jump…. but not with WCAR. These guys rarely stand. At times it was like they were floating!


Overall it was a great night of music, and the crowd was fantastic! If you are in this shot…. thank you!


Opening up the show was Riverside’s own Manntis, followed by Counterparts, and they did great too! I have a few photos of them in the gallery below, along with lots more photos of We Came As Romans and Parkway Drive. Were you at the show? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.


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