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Last Saturday, the Riverside Municipal Auditorium hosted a show that says a lot about the I.E., and there is no question that the Inland Empire has become a pretty big concert destination. We have venues in the I.E putting on shows that would have never happened just 5 years ago. In the past year alone, we’ve had acts like Motorhead, Stephen Stills, Jason Bonham, Peter Frampton, Seinfeld, and more. Think about that for a minute…. I was born and raised in the I.E., and some of the shows that have hit the Inland Empire are amazing.


Just this weekend was a great one. Sunday at the Fox Performing Arts Center was The Rides, a super group featuring Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Saturday it was HELLYEAH at the RMA, and having photographed them twice before I knew it was going to be a great show. These guys are so fun to watch that there were a few times I forgot to take pictures. Musically, these guys are a supergroup. The current lineup consists of vocalist Chad Gray of Mudvayne fame, guitarists Tom Maxwell & Christian Brady, Bassist Kyle Sanders, and former Pantera drummer Vinnie Paul. When you watch this band you know what metal can rise to.


The show had three openers, starting off with Doll Skin, Sunflower Dead and Escape the Fate. I have to say that while all were great, Doll Skin really stood out. Doll Skin is an all girl band whose members range from 15 to 19 years old, and they rock. Unfortunately, the barriers were still blocking the stairs at the RMA, so I wasn’t sure I could go in. I ended up waiting outside too long and missed the start of Doll Skin, and since we are only allowed in the photo pit for three songs, I missed it. Still, I couldn’t help but listen to them and wonder how long it will take for these ladies to become well known.


You’ll find images of all four bands below, and if you went to show drop your comments below.


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